Where in the World Have I Been??

by bakelikeacook


Hello world!

I am back.  I have been gone a while as time can easily get away from you!!  But I am back with lots of stories to tell.  So where have I been?  Well I took a splendid trip to Poland–Krakow to be exact (see pic above).  And it was amazing.  There will be many guest appearances of my photos from that trip (I took over 1000! oops!) as I want to share with everyone the good, the delicious and the funny lost in translation moments!


In addition to Poland I have also been working like crazy to get our coffee bar going!!  Below are a few pics of what I do at 4:30 AM!!!!  Come by Cookshop CoffeeBar 156 10th Ave New York, NY (at 20th) Monday through Friday 7:30-11 a.m.  Everything baked fresh daily!

More to come!!!!  These were just a teaser : )