Must Have Monday!

by bakelikeacook

Welcome back to Must Have Monday!!  Wow-a week already flew by!  Today’s must have is ….drumroll please….Ramekins!!

So many uses!!!

So many uses!!!

Ramekins come in all shapes and sizes, but for me, everyone should have a good set of 4 oz ramekins.  They are the perfect size to make individual souffles, custards and cakes, as well as scale out mise en place for recipes, serve sides of sauces…the uses are endless!!  By a set, I mean at least 4 or more.  The ones pictured here were purchased at Home Goods and were sold by the half dozen (and for only $5.99!!).  Don’t feel you need to spend a lot–trust me, expensive ramekins from France break just the same as those made in China!  It just hurts more…