Must Have Monday!!

by bakelikeacook

They are real...and they are spectacular!

They are real…and they are spectacular!

Welcome back to Must Have Monday!!  Today we must have an appreciation for all the beautiful summer fruits that the farmers bring to the local markets.  I am fortunate enough to have a market virtually in the back yard of my apartment!!  And for me, it is such a thrill even to just window shop in the market for all the colorful photo ops.  Nature sure does have a beautiful pallet!  This past market, I got a little overzealous with the plums, peaches and blueberries–they were just too beautiful and tasty to resist!  Hmmm…I think I sense fruit again in the the next recipe post…..  Support your local farmers today!  Or at least go admire the view : )

More beautiful fruit...

More beautiful fruit…

Nature's Rainbow!

Nature’s Rainbow!

What jam looks like before it's jam : )

What jam looks like before it’s jam : )