In case you were interested…..

Hi! I’m Amanda Cook. I am a Washington DC native and am currently a pastry chef in New York City.  I studied Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) and decided to go to pastry school while working for Krispy Kreme after college (no I didn’t eat doughnuts all day!)

I have had the sheer pleasure of working for a number of stellar chefs in the Washington DC area, including Roberto Donna at Galileo, Michel Richard at Citronelle and Eric Ziebold at Cityzen.  This last year I had the honor of being nominated for a James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef while working at Cityzen.   No doubt, a highlight of my career.  I would gladly take another of these highlights!

To give you a sense of who I am, I do enjoy long walks, but not necessarily on the beach–it’s the whole sand thing sticking to my feet!  I believe that cookies should only be eaten fresh from the oven.  And I believe that one day, the Washington Redskins will win a Superbowl again!